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Have questions or want to advertise with Temple Beth-El, contact:


Kendra Cluck
Marketing Manager

(936) 676-1715 - direct line (text or call)

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marketing with temple beth-el


   -   January marketing deadline is November 20
   -   FEBRUARY marketing deadline is DECEMBER 20

   -   March marketing deadline is January 20
   -   april marketing deadline is February 20
   -   May marketing deadline is March 20
   -   June marketing deadline is APR 20
   -   July marketing deadline is May 20
   -   August marketing deadline is JUNE 20
   -   September marketing deadline is July 20
   -   October marketing deadline is AUGUST 20
   -   November marketing deadline is September 20
   -   December marketing deadline is OCTOBER 20


BASIC video & social media GUIDELINES: 



* All videos posted on behalf of Temple Beth-El must be sent to Kendra via text or email a minimum of four (4) business days before it is scheduled to be released. (Text: 936-676-1715; Email: Depending on the size of the video, you may have to first upload it to Dropbox or your Google Drive then send the link to download. If this route is taken, please DO NOT delete the video from it's location until you have received notification that it has been downloaded. 

* Videos must be approved before posting on behalf of TBE by Kendra and should include the following: smooth transitions and an intro and outro including one of the approved TBE logos (this will be added by Kendra when submitted in a timely fashion). 

* Videos for editing (additional graphics added, text additions, etc.) must be recorded in landscape (horizontal) rather than portrait (vertical) view. Videos for social media only that can be directly posted to the platforms should be recorded in portrait (vertical) view rather than landscape (horizontal). There are exceptions to this for certain platforms. Please contact Kendra for details.

* Videos (individual, not community focused) should be recorded on a smart phone rather than through a Zoom platform as it typically is not high-resolution. No grainy videos or pixelated pictures will be used. 

* Sound quality must be good without background noise. Music must be approved and copyright permissions granted.  


* Social media posts are typically scheduled far in advance and only made by the Marketing Manager as to not overlap each other so we appear to have a clear vision and voice. If there is something you would like posted on any of our social media platforms, please send to Kendra Cluck via text or email. (Text: 936-676-1715; Email:

* Social media posts recommendations must include a description that can be understood by someone who is not involved in that particular area. Please make no assumptions and keep it clear and concise as to apply to a broader audience. 


Are you a budding or experienced photographer? Interested in snapping shots for TBE events and programs?

We want you!

We are looking for photographers who can capture the incredible moments we have at TBE during our services, festivals, holidays and events. If this is something you would be interested in discussing, I'd love to chat! 

Please contact Kendra Cluck at to schedule a time for us to discuss blending your creativity and our desire to capture special moments at Temple Beth-El. 

Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783