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"In a time in history when so much exists only in cyberspace, and so much of our time is spent in the pursuit of academic and career-related pursuits, Temple Beth-El's Raymund Family Sunday School is our place to cultivate joy, peace, connection, and meaning. It is where you and your family can go to get more out of life, grounded in the same values that guided our ancestors through hardship and change. But, we will do that in a new way that supports the next generation's right to carve out their own niche of spiritual exploration. Together, this year, we are set up to hold space for evolution; honoring the magic that happens between "no longer and not yet" [Nancy Levin}." 

- Sarah Grace Nadler, Director of Innovative Programing


Our open door policy continues into our Sunday School program. We welcome any new families who want to try out our program for one year without committing to joining Temple Beth-El. So bring a friend!


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Engaging Families & Building Communities

• Make new friends and strengthen existing relationships
• Experience Judaism in both social and educational settings
• Family opportunities to learn together

hebrew homeroom

• Brings Hebrew Education back to TBE!
• Reincorporates modern Hebrew and fun Hebrew activities
• First 55 minutes each Sunday
• in Grade-level Groups
• New curriculum developed by Rabbi Michael Torop, experienced Hebrew teachers and Lay Leaders
• T'fillah will occur during Hebrew Homeroom monthly (K-2 & 3-7) 


• 30-minute private instruction
• Grades 5-6: Seekers in other grades can request supplemental tutoring for support or enrichment
• Onsite or online
• 18 sessions per year included in fee (about 2 sessions/month)


• 90-minutes each Sunday after Hebrew Homeroom
• Mixed age groups to increase connections and morale
• Cultural experiences occur during Minyanim time about 3-4 times/semester
• New values-based curriculum that explores each value through cultural-identity-building lenses

capsule program

• Open to seekers in 4th-7th grade
• Practice modern skills for thriving whle grounding in Jeiwish values and character-building resources
• Optional. Parents can opt-in to be considered, but enrollment will be by invitation based on registration results
• Based on research about modern day Jewish family needs and interests and successful cultural change

cultural experiences

• 20-60 minutes
• Stand alone experiences
• Similar content to Electives (cooking, Krav Maga, yoga & more!)
• 6-8 times throughout the year

Sundays, 9:30 a.m. - noon



youth ENGAGEMENT (beefy/bifty)

Temple Beth-El, Temple B'nai Israel and Camp Coleman have joined forces to create a sense of community for our teens in Pinellas County. With the direction of Bridget Siegel-Fultz, TBE's Director of Youth Engagement, the youth groups of Temple Beth-El and Temple B'nai Israel are experiencing  one of the most engaged and excited combined youth groups! For more information, please see the Youth calendar below and contact Bridget HERE.


Lifelong Learning - Adult education

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, at Temple Beth-El we know that we always have so much more we want to know.  Our Continuing Adult Education programs are for anyone from 21 to 101!  So, if you fall within this age range, we’ll probably have a program for you. Or, we’d be glad to create something to meet your interests. 

Want to be part of “The Journey”? We welcome every one of your ideas!

  • If you’d like to teach a class, either a one-off or a series, we’ll try to make it happen.
  • And, if you want to study something we’re not yet offering, we’ll try to make that happen as well.
  • And, if you’d like to volunteer to help put our programming together, we’d love to have you join our new Continuing Adult Education Team, chaired by Marjorie Friedman.

CLICK HERE to contact Marjorie for any and all Continuing Adult Education inquires.


TORAH STUDY - Saturday mornings, 10am to 11:30am

We study the weekly Torah portion during our Shabbat Morning Service. The study is interactive & lively and all are urged to participate & share their views of how our sacred text still speaks to us in the 21st century. Torah study is usually the lengthier part of the morning experience on Shabbat without a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.


other adult community learning opportunities

S.A.G.E., Rabbi & Reverend, Boomers Here & Now and Women's Spirituality are just a few of the other opportunities we have for you to continue learning and growing in knowledge and friendships. For more information on these programs, GO HERE.  




Please see below to reach resources for some online learning! No matter - beginner to expert - There is always more to learn!

Click  here for the Behrman House reading practice, and Hebrew Letter Games

Click here for Akhlah Quizzes and Letters of the Day

Click here for the LearnHebrewPod learning Modules

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