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on israel

Our community is engaged in a deep relationship with the State of Israel. Our care and concern for Israel calls on us to support it, grapple with its complexities, and challenge it to reach its potential as a liberal democracy, a place of peace and security for all of its inhabitants, a place where every individual, Israeli and Palestinian, is treated with dignity, honor, and respect.   

We are committed to educating ourselves on Israel, as we deepen our understanding of its progress and accomplishments as well as its flaws and areas for growth.

We condemn the horrific atrocities of Hamas on October 7th as innocent Israeli civilians were attacked, raped, tortured, kidnapped, and murdered. Our hearts break for the hostages and their families; the trauma they continue to endure is unfathomable.
We pray the hostages will be released and brought home safely to their families and friends.

Our hearts break for the innocent Gazans whose lives have been damaged or destroyed as a result of this war. We bear witness to the inconceivable death toll in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis that continues as a consequence of this conflict. We believe that every individual is created b’tzelem Elohim, in God’s image, and should be valued and treated with infinite worth.

We are committed to engaging in courageous conversations with one another as we respectfully share our viewpoints and listen to perspectives different than our own. Our community is comprised of individuals with their own experiences, hopes, questions, and concerns regarding Israel. What a blessing it is to grapple with Israel’s complexities together, as we remain open to learning, growing, and deepening our own relationship with this holy place.  

May 10, 2024

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784