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High Holy Day FAQs

where do i park?

Parking is on a first come first served basis. You are able to park on the TBE grounds, along Pasadena Circle, on the street behind the temple as well as in the grassy area across the street at Pasadena Community Church. Officers will be present to escort you across the street safely. CLICK HERE for a map.

can i bring a bag?

Large bags and backpacks are prohibited. You will be asked to return the item to your vehicle before entry is allowed.

who needs a ticket?

Everyone! Regardless of age (infants & children included) everyone entering our building for a High Holy Days service or experience is required to present an electronic or printed ticket at the door to gain entry. CLICK HERE for an Eventbrite ticket.

how do eventbrite tickets work?

You will need to have your electronic tickets on your phone or printed tickets ready as you enter the Founder's Hall for every service. They will be scanned each time you arrive for a High Holy Days experience. If you leave during a service, you may be asked to present your ticket again for reentry so be sure to have them handy! CLICK HERE for an Eventbrite ticket.  

can i get a ticket when i arrive?

The best option is to reserve your High Holy Day ticket online ahead of time or through calling our office during work hours. If you have not reserved tickets, or you are unable to print them or access them on your mobile device, you will need to enter the Temple Beth-El offices to the right of the main entrance to check-in for your service or reserve a ticket. 

when i arrive, what can i expect?

Friendly faces! One of our many wonderful volunteers will greet you at the front door, scan your ticket, then guide you through our Social Hall where you will get your prayer book and HHD booklet. Then one of our Community Guard will help you find the best seat for you in the Sanctuary!

if I reserved childcare, where do we go?

First, you will need to make sure that every member of your party (infants & children included) have been registered for an Eventbrite ticket. After you have had your tickets scanned and you enter through the Main Entrance (Founder's Hall), head towards the ECC Breezeway to the right where you will check in and receive additional information. Please remember to bring any items your child will need such as snacks, diapers, etc. CLICK HERE to reserve childcare.

where can i sit?

Seating will be filled from the front of the Sanctuary back for all attendees other than our VIPs. The Social Hall will not be available for seating until the front of the Sanctuary has been filled to 75% capacity. Any seats you have held without individuals present must be released 5 minutes prior to service start time.  

what is VIP SEATING? 

Our VIPs are those with wheelchairs, walkers or mobility issues. As you enter through the Social Hall into the Sanctuary, we have reserved seating for those who need the assistance of a walker or wheelchair or have any other mobility issues. VIP seating is on the right side of the Sanctuary along the cross aisle between the Sanctuary and Social Hall. This area has been selected due to its accessibility to the closest emergency ramp exit. A Community Guard will be present to assist you and your loved ones to this area. If you are attending with a walker, it must remain with you at all times. 

what if i am hearing impaired?

For the Deaf Community: We are delighted to again welcome members of the Jewish Deaf community to our Erev Rosh Hashanah (Sunday, Sep. 29 at 7:30pm) and Kol Nidre (Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 7:30pm) services. Sign language interpreters will be seated at the front of the sanctuary in front of the rabbi's podium. We reserve the first two rows for worshipers who need access to see the interpreters and their loved ones. 

Hearing Impaired: To enhance your service experience, we have Hearing Impaired Headphones available. Locate a Greeter or Community Guard for assistance. 

Other Needs: If you need special seating for any service, or if you are fasting and need a light snack or refreshment on Yom Kippur, please see a Greeter or Community Guard. 

what if i am visually impaired?

Large print prayer books are available. Locate a Greeter or Community Guard for assistance. 

what if i get light headed while fasting during a service?

We hope you use your best discretion while fasting during the High Holy Days and be sure to consult your physician before making this decision if there are any underlying medical issues. If you need a light snack or refreshment on Yom Kippur, please see a Greeter or Community Guard.

where do i bring my food donations?

After you receive your food donation bag on Rosh Hashanah, you may drop off your food donations at the TBE office during regular business hours or before any service at the designated tables or bins in the Founders Hall.  

will there be security onsite?

Absolutely. Your safety is our highest priority. Off-duty police officers will be outside and inside the Temple before, during and after services. Our Community Guard team will also be visibly present within the Sanctuary & Social Hall and have been trained for emergency procedures.

what happens in the event of an emergency?

When you sit down, become situationally aware of your nearest exits. In the event of an emergency, please locate the nearest exit and swiftly leave the building. An emergency exit map will be provided in your High Holy Days booklet.

For more information on High Holy Days, please CLICK HERE

Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784